Evergreen Marketing Press Releases

August 10, 2016

Evergreen Marketing is pleased to announce the addition of the Sovereign Homestead Media titles to its list management.

Sovereign Homestead Media identifies consumer niche markets with avid enthusiasts, and creates high quality content to serve those subscribers.

Military Heritage is an upscale, high-quality military history magazine, beautifully printed in full color on luxurious paper with lavish illustrations.

Otaku USA is the thick, oversized, full-color magazine with coverage of Japanese Anime, Manga, cosplay, computer games, and all of J-Pop, written from an American point of view.

Sci Fi Magazine is the big, brash, oversized full-color magazine on everything SCI FI, with the inside edge on the latest from the SCI FI Channel.

WWII History Magazine Magazine is the definitive magazine on the history of the most important war ever fought.

Military & History Masterfile is comprised of subscribers to both Military Heritage and WWII History Magazine. These subscribers have a passion for military history, collecting historical memorabilia, including medals, photographs, letters, and uniforms, as well as books, videos, and DVDs related to their interests.

For additional information, please contact Kris Grauer at 203-822-7933 or

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